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Welcome to Shadow of the Moon
An Alliance Guild on the World of Warcraft Sisters of Elune (RP) Server

At the beginning of the New Age in the land of Azeroth, a fellowship rose from within the Alliance.  This fellowship, conceived by the Ancients, was designed to shift the balance of the land towards the greater good.  Drawing their power from the heavens, these once lonely travelers found purpose in guarding the Light.  Molded by the hands of our founding members, the Shadow of the Moon was born.

The Shadow of the Moon is a casual roleplaying guild on the Sisters of Elune server. We function as an extended family, assisting each other with quests, items, instances, and having fun. Honesty, respect, integrity, charity, and compassion are integral hallmarks of our group. The atmosphere of friendship and family is, for us, the foundation of everything.

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Well its been a month and I've failed.

AllisynSoE, Sep 21, 13 11:31 AM.
The membership drive has failed. Sadly, Sisters of Elune's population isn't up to snuff and I let things go for too long (in fact, I think we've lost members!). Im going to turn off the lights and close things up. Best wishes, all.

Cobweb removal and a Membership Drive

AllisynSoE, Aug 21, 13 5:56 PM.
Membership Drive

Shadow of the Moon will be starting a membership drive this weekend. In anticipation for the last patch of 5.4 and the next expansion which is inevitably on the horizon, SOTM will start actively recruiting Friday and Saturday, August 23 and 24.  It's time to put this ol' guild back together again! It's too quiet.

5.4 Patch to come September 10th, 2013

AllisynSoE, Aug 21, 13 5:53 PM.
The new patch is scheduled to come on September 10, 2013, according to MMO Champion.  Big changes are in store for the Horde Leadership, and I will certainly be happy to see Garrosh go away. He's a dumb ol' orc!

A summary of some of the changes:

  • New Glyphs and abilities for all classes
  • A New PVP Season
  • It will cost 500 Justice to purchase 250 Honor
  • No new Valor Quartermaster but the new Timeless Isle promises upgrades.
  • Goodbye, Vale of Eternal Blossoms. You were a beautiful zone until the Horde nuked you. RIP.
  • The Battlefield: Barrens event will wrap up.
  • Server Merging! Well, not exactly server mergers, but better -- if it works the way Blizzard promises.

I'm looking forward to this patch!

Way over due. You folks really should be kicking me into gear!

AllisynSoE, Nov 5, 10 12:41 PM.

1000 gold Achievement Contest!


The 1k giveaway ended October 7th, so that contest has ended. 

Total Achievement points according to Armory for the top four members. You managed to beat Allisyn's challenge, so you will all recieve something!

Vespia: 4035 (+2355)
Preecher: 3240 (+1900)
Kassie: 3680 (+1015)
Fleah: 1255 (+780)

Allisyn 5685 (+475)

Congratulations to Vespia for winning the 1k gold, and congratulations to Preecher, Kassie, and Fleah for beating Allisyn's challenge. Your runner up prizes are in the mail.

1000 gold Achievement Contest

AllisynSoE, Jul 7, 10 5:27 PM.

1000 gold Achievement Contest!


I've been slow in the updating these last two weeks, and for that I apologize. A combination of being really busy with 3d modelling and being a bit down has taken the wind out of my sails. I've updated the contest. Vespia still has a solid leed, but preecher is slowly catching up. Kassie is poised to take 3rd place and is not out of the running. Good luck.

updated 7/07/10
Vespia 3020(+1340)
Preecher 2270(+930)
Fleah 1225(+780)
Kassie 3400(+735)
Screwy 1140(+430)
Achalicith 380(+140)
Enitri 1590 (+70)
Pixistix 240 (+70)
Naladruid 1530 (+70)
Elyrria 1680 (+60)
Ammathena 240 (+50)
Lykaios 2920 (+40)

Ineligable to win but participating:

Allisyn 5540 (+330)
Amberliese 430 (+10)
Gunthur 1710 (+0)
Krystonell 510 (+0)

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